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ARS Professional Development Background

ARSPD provides expert support services including coaching, consulting, facilitation, organizational development, and training.  Our philosophy and methodology is based on the proprietary Goal Attainment Cycle which describes how client and consultant collaborate to create solutions.  The figure below highlights our perspective on how consulting services can be utilized within your organization.

Analysis:  The engagement begins with a conversation to define the roles and responsibilities of client and consultant.  The shared expectations meeting will detail the spectrum of our partnership.  During the first stage of the engagement, we will discuss the scope of the project, the desired goals, and the specific deliverables.  ARSPD will design and deliver services to meet the client's requirements.

Action: Once the analysis stage has been completed, ARSPD will create and design a series of workshops intended to support the client in the areas of Sales, Customer Service, Workforce Productivity, Communications & Leadership, Relationships & Team Building, or Conflict Resolutions.

Assessment:  ARSPD will conduct assessments as well as evaluations and surveys to determine the impact of the training on the participants.

Adjustment:  Feedback will be incorporated with training on an ongoing basis to ensure that the client's needs are being met.  ARSPD will integrate verbal and written feedback tools such as pols, quizzes, and surveys in the workshop sessions.  This feedback will be used to make adjustments to current or future sessions.

Attainment: Once training is complete, ARSPD will facilitate a debriefing session to identify areas of improvement for the client's staff and managers.  As the model indicates, the cycle repeats.  If appropriate, the attainment phase is followed by analysis of additional training needs.

ARSPD often works with additional coaches, consultants, and trainers to provide services to clients on large scale projects.  These services will only be acquired on an as needed basis, at an additional cost.  If necessary, biographies of additional trainers will be presented prior to engagmet.

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