Our areas of expertise include corporate culture, customer service, leadership, professional selling, and workforce productivity.  We assist our clients by providing assessments, coaching, consulting, e-learning and workshop facilitation services.

Andrea Richards Scott

Certified Human Behavior Consultant

​     Andrea is a keynote speaker, professional coach, workshop facilitator, and trainer with results-oriented experience in human resources, organizational development, leadership, program management, problem solving, negotiations, and communications. She develops tailored courses and materials to complement training classes for business development centers, career counseling centers, chambers of commerce, department of defense (DOD), educational institutions, and religious organizations.

     She offers effective, engaging, and practical keynote addresses, seminars, and workshops designed to enhance the value of your organization. She focuses on behavioral change, interpersonal skills, self-observation, self-management, teamwork, and productivity. Andrea helps her workshop participants to realize that behavioral changes can improve relationships, increase productivity, and induce remarkable changes in others.

     Andrea has a Master of Business Administration from the University of Georgia. In addition, she is Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Certified Human Behavior Consultant (CHBC), and Certified Connecting With Colors Facilitator.

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